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Pregnant Nigerian lady shares photos of bad state of Orile Agege General Hospital

A pregnant Nigerian lady who is currently admitted at Orile Agege General Hospital, has taken to Instagram to share photos which captured the bad state of the hospital.

Queen_Oleye wrote;

“Orile Agege General Hospital Extortion This is the current state of the toilets and bathrooms at OAGH ! In the maternity ward of all places! And only one of the 2toilets and 2bathrooms is functioning! In a ward of over 20 patients!just few days ago,a friend saw a centipede drop in their ward,another friend saw a leech in the only bathroom!a leech for Christ sake!that’s the toilet seat new mothers with all the blood and all are supposed to sit on!and at the very end they charge outrageous!#64,700! Excluding all the drugs and drips!cos we pay immediately! Imagine saying we must all pay #9,000 for 2 pints of blood even though we didn’t receive any blood and our husbands are mandated to donate blood before they register us for antenatal! Even the pharmacy sells drugs that are not labelled!the rats and mosquitoes are baba NLA! Meanwhile the doctors offices are A.C fitted!if I show u our ward(maternity) u’ll weep for our country! Pls rescue us o,before OAGH kills usi must confess,The doctors and nurses are very skilled and friendly !Kudos!”

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