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French footballer, Patrice Evra, dedicates 2face’s song, “African Queen,” to all mothers in the world

Ex-Manchester United player and french footballer, Patrice Evra, has dropped his ‘cover’ of 2Face’s hit song, “African Queen’, and the footballer disclosed he is dedicating the song to all mothers in the world.

Here’s what he wrote as he shared his video on Instagram;

“this is for all the mothers all around the world. A mother is really important, so precious… so respect her ♥️Imagine my mum, for 9 months and me saying every minute mama I love this game, mama I love this game!You know sometimes it can be annoying so respect your mum ok because I don’t like the kids who don’t respect their mums! A Mum is important …do you listen to me…??
And mama I love you, you know why because you are my African queen, the girl of my dreams! mama, I love you so much!!! I LOVE THIS GAME haahahahah ”

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