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Young Girl Stuns Many as She Bags Ph.D at 17 (Photo)

A young girl has made her family proud by becoming a Ph.D holder at the young age of 17.
The teenage girl has been identified as Dorothy Jean Tillman II.
Following her latest feat, she has become one of the youngest individuals to accomplish such a milestone.
According to ABC News, Tillman’s academic journey reportedly commenced at the age of 10 when she embarked on her collegiate path at the College of Lake County, majoring in Psychology.
Undeterred by her age, she demonstrated exceptional prowess, setting the stage for her subsequent achievements.
Continuing her academic ascent, Tillman obtained her Master of Science degree from Unity College in 2020.
At 15 years old, she was accepted into the Doctor of Behavioral Health Management Program at Arizona State University.
Reflecting on her journey, Tillman credits her passion for education to the values instilled by her family.
People in my life, like my grandmother, who was part of the Civil Rights Movement, she of course harped on the importance of education and consistently learning something always,” Tillman said.
“I always held education so high on my own… finding different things to be educated about,” the young girl added.

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