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Broda Shaggi Writes An Open Letter To Buhari And Osinbajo

THERE WAS A COUNTRY!  The president of this country @muhammadubuhari , I regret to know that you are a Muslim, you are a General and nothing has been done to the killings of our brothers in South Africa  but if Cows were been slaughtered, we would have seen you @muhammadubuhari on NTA news.
I regret to know that you @profosinbajo is a Christian and a professor. We thought you could do better but you are just nothing but one of them

Nigerians please stop destroying the businesses of our own people. South Africans will be laughing at us for doing this.
Questions: *How manY South Africans have you seen in your street? *How many South Africans live in your house? *How many South Africans work in your office?

Answer: NONE!!!! They don’t live here, they don’t work here coz their country is better than ours. That’s the basic truth but WE MADE THEIR COUNTRY BETTER and didn’t make ours better.

I have been to South Africa and I can tell you Their men are the laziest men in Africa. When they see Other blacks, they believe we’ve come to take their jobs, we’ve come to steal their women . South Africans have the lowest self esteem in the World.

NIGERIA can be great again if we all put this energy to Chase out the OLD ONES in power. Only REVOLUTION!

The youth of this country, instead of us destroying our business, we need to channel that energy by destroying this present government. That’s the only way out  Celebrities, stop fighting yourselves over who’s posting and who is not. That’s not what we need now. We are voices. Anything we do now will strengthen our followers to make a better NATION. Wake up NIGERIA, wake up....THE PROBLEM is THE GOVERNMENT!!!!, wake UP!!!!!! Brodashaggi

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  1. Broda shaggi dey talk true...I hope 9ja people go follow wetin you talk so.


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