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Types Of People You Will Meet At The Experience 2017 In Lagos (Photos)

1. The ones that’ll be coming for Reunion.
You’ll see them walking round TBS with their GPS on, trying to locate their lost long friends and family members. Goodluck with that.
2. The ones that’ll be coming to have fun.
They ‘ll dance at the sound of the drums, take lots of photos, buy suya and drinks till they go bankrupt. May you receive the Jesus as your Lord and Personal Saviour.
3. The ones that came looking for a spouse/partner.
The Lord will help you find what you looking for
4. The ones that’ll be coming to show off their iPhone X.
I will warn you in advance.If you are in this category, make your way to the VIP section or else, your phone might just have a History.
5. The ones that will come to exalt and Worship.
Yep.. that’s my category.. we came to worship and exalt Jesus our King.
6. The ones that will reserve seats for their clique..
These are the real Heroes.I can’t wait to meet you. We are all guilty of that.
7. The ones that’ll come to checkout the instrumentalist and new jams.
My category too..I’ll be watching out for Tim Godfrey and the Xtreme crew, they are Lit. Travis Greene’s band is also a wonder to behold. Their worship skills is Amazing and Energetic
8. The ones that will Come to Pickpocket, steal and carryout mischevious acts.
May you have running stomach and dizziness.
Some might escape this prayer, so be careful saints. Watch and Pray.
9. The Ones that will Literally bring their Dancing shoes.
You’ll see them showing off their dancing skills. even during worship, they’ll still be grooving. But be warned, don’t dance “One Corner” there else….
10. The ones that will be falling under anointing anyhow. The Lord is your strength.
My prayer is that God’ll accept our Worship as we lift up His holy name. See you there.

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