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Hushpuppi Cursed Fan Who Chose Wizkid Over Him

It was mere coincidence when Wizkid and Hushpuppi wore the same design of a sweat shirt made by popular designer, Gucci which had the inscription ‘blind for love’ imprinted on it.

However a follower of the 2 popular celebrities decided to take sides and he chose to be on Wizkid’s side and then commented on Hushpuppi’s photo that Wizkid wore the yellow sweat shirt better.

Hushpuppi wouldn’t have any of that and erupted bitterly at the fan, calling him names. He even went as far as calling the fan a bastard. That is not considered cool anyway.

Hushpuppi wrote:

“Who ask your papa? U wan carry oriburuku enter new year abi? Omo ale jati jati”

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