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Lady Forced To Pay For Drinks & Pepper Soup Ordered By A Client Who Robbed Her

An aggrieved Nigerian lady and Facebook user, Desire Gold took to the platform to recount how she was forced to pay for drinks and pepper soup ordered by a fake client who also robbed her.

According to her, she met the client whose name she gave as Muna Opara on Facebook and then their chat led to a business meeting being setup.

Here’s what she wrote;
“Good evening everyone, please kindly read and also help me share on how I was robbed by my facebook friend Muna Opara.

Although he has blocked me and I can’t in anyway trace his account ,I made an advert on my page and he came inbox and asked for my number which I did give to him and he whatsapp immediately and after pleasantries he started asking about our estate and I gave him details and he said apart from him one other of his friend by name FRED is also interested in the ibeju lekki but they will like more discount ,and we booked appointment to see at the festac shopping mall(shoprite) on getting to feel he said we should meet at the mall again but an open bar close to shoprite and the name is Swiss bar and I accepted, I also called his friend FRED to met us dia on getting dia I called and he waved from distance, I sat and he told me to order for what I want and I asked for water he said he doesn’t like ople ordering for water I should order for something expansive.

I order for maltina and during that time I called his so called FRED and he said I should give him 10mins and the one I am with I spoke and explain in details all the estate and also showed him video i made in my Samsun galaxy 7edge.

He liked the Estate and Said we should Wait for FRED and after 10mins he wasn’t with us yet and he decided to call him and on the conversation they guy drove to shoprite thinking we were dia and he told him nope but Swiss bar during process of discribing the place his credit got finished and he asked for my phone to call him and which I did give him, he was speaking in front of me later started walking up and down and asked if I have 200 naira, I said nope what I have was 500 and he said his other friend that wants to buy units ikorodu is outside but doesn’t have change to give the bike man and this happened around 3:30-4pm and he went to give the 200 he collected from the bar guy but I never knew the bike was waiting to pick him and before then he has taken Henekin, fish pepper soup and Andre, that was how he made away with my Samsung 7edage and leaving all the bills for me to pay, and since then he has blocked me and I can’t trace his facebook acct…

Please kindly help and share someone that have useful information about him may come up…”

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