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Mr. Aye Dee, Strong PDP Media Influencer, Joins APC; PDP Supporters Cry Foul

One of the leading media influencers on twitter, who had been supporting PDP since 2012, has dumped the party for the APC.

Unlike Atiku who cross carpeted to PDP, Mr. Aye Dee, as he is known on twitter, did not say, he was just resigning from PDP, but stated he was back to his party, he helped built.

Trust, PDP supporters, it has been a whole day of wailing, cursing and gnashing of teeth, since he made the announcement.
However, Mr. Aye dee who seemed determined to project his new party, did not waste time in throwing tantrums with the grieving supporters of the now rival party(PDP), went ahead in series of tweets to highlight the achievements of APC under administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

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