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An Open Letter To Globacom On Behalf Of All Glo Subscribers - Naijatechguy

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Dear Globacom,

I must say that I'm really happy that the data cap on your data plans were increased and we all are quite grateful for that. I also want to thank you for all the bonuses and promos (at least that is what is keeping some of us from porting) .However, with all due respect your data services in most areas are very slow and nothing to write home about. Around my area, It's quite slow and the only place I get to see a full 3G connection is in the toilet and I keep wondering why it has to be the toilet of all places.

Sometimes, when the network speed seems to improve, it would drop drastically in a few minutes .It seems Glo officials in Nigeria have started using other networks to surf the web because the current download speed is enough to wait for the second coming of Christ. I'm sure other subscribers would have their own unfortunate tales to tell about your data services. Most of us don't even use up to half of the plans we paid for before it expires. The network speed is very frustrating. Imagine taking over 25 minutes to download a file of 40MB. I'm actually wondering if the money meant for improving your network's services are being used for entertainment shows instead.

I heard 9Mobile is being sold and you're listed as one of the top 10 companies that want to buy the company. On behalf of other subscribers, Please try to make the deal successful because we all certainly hope it would improve your services nationwide and please don't allow 9mobile's spamming influence your network.

Almost every USSD code dialed on 9mobile returns results as an SMS, please don't impose it on us as we will not hesitate to port. The second thing I believe majority of my fellow subscribers strongly kick against is the fact that you keep calling us with strange numbers every day. You call us more than husbands call their spouses and more than boyfriends call their girlfriends and we wonder if we are actually dating you. It is really annoying and the most painful part of the whole thing is when someone is expecting an important call then you start calling us.

I know some people activated DnD (Do not Disturb) Mode on their respective lines but now you have resorted to calling us as the only way to reach us. I won't say this particular problem is not on all networks but no day on planet earth passes by without any subscriber receiving more than 3 calls from you guys. One day, I was expecting a very important call and my phone was plugged my room and i almost tripped rushing to answer the call only to hear a robot talking to me. I was utterly disgusted.

I'm still trying to understand what type of advertising that is because to the best of my knowledge, an average Nigerian would not spend time listening to a computer on the phone yet you won't put an end to the calls. Believe me, the only time subscribers can really listen to all that computer talk is when we have actually called the customer care line to rectify a problem. We pay you for the services offered to us and we deserve at least a simple code to opt out from all the calls. The ads we see on billboards, social media and on the television is enough for all of us. On behalf of all Glo subscribers, I sincerely ask that you fix these issues .

We do hope you redeem your name from ''Slow With Pride'' and ''Grand Snail Of Data'' to ''Glo with Pride'' , Unlimited or rather as ''The Grand Masters Of Data'' as you call yourself. Forgive my rant , I'm just a frustrated subscriber who wants a better network

Yours Sincerely,
An Angry Glo Subscriber.

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