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I have no respect for Beyonce-Daddy Freeze declares

Nigerian media personality,Daddy Freeze has slammed Beyonce after her father,Matthew Knowles shared a tearful video in which he wished her a happy 36th birthday.

Many felt Matthew who was once cut off from her is still in pain.Daddy Freeze says if Beyonce could forgive Jay Z for cheating on her,she should have forgiven her dad for cheating on her mum and having two kids out of wedlock.

He also said unlike Kim Kardashian who made sure her fame rubbed off on all members of her family financially , Beyonce hasn't done the same as Solange is worth only $5m.

I have no respect for Beé, Absolutely none!
This man gave up everything to give her a career! He quit his job, sold his jaguar to make her what she is today and because he cheated on her mum, she cut him out?

Beé is staying with her own cheating husband while cutting ties with her father because he cheated on her mum? 😳How ironic!

Look at the Kardashians everyone has rubbed off the success of Kim, Caitlyn Jenner is not even Kim's biological father and look at how far he/she has come with $100 million to his/her name!

Kim is worth $175million, while Khloe is worth $24 million, Kylie $50million, Kendal $18million, Rob $6million, Scott Disick $16million, Kourtney $35million, Kris $60million, Brody Jenner $10million.

Now guess what Beé's only sister is worth? A measly $5million dollars and look at how miserable her father is..😢

The Knowles, unlike the Kardashians are not a power family, they're just a one horse Beyoncé race, nothing but a low down dirty shame, that while the Queen Bee of the beehive soars to dizzying heights, her family wallows in mediocrity......by the way Jay z's album sold platinum in one week, yaaay🙄! ~FRZ

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