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Heartbreaking: See the Shocking Moment a Boy is Rescued After Being Tied to a Tree by Granddad for 5 Years

The poor boy had spent years, all alone, tied to a tree
Photos have shown the moment a little boy’s shocking nightmare comes to an end as he was rescued after being tied up alongside cattle for five years.
According to The Sun UK, Umesh, eight, is visually impaired and mentally disabled, but as if this was not bad enough he was also bound by his grandma because he was naughty. 
Both his dad Bhagawati Lal and mum Manu Devi, died of the HIV five years ago and Umesh went to live with his grandparents in Udaipur, in Rajasthan.
Finally the boy is rescued
But gran Peepi Bai, 75, allegedly decided to keep him tied with a rope in the cow stable because the little lad is violent and used to run away.
She said: “Umesh was a normal child till he was three.

“But after his parents died he started behaving differently. We don’t earn enough money to get him treatment.”
Mrs Bai added: “He’s sometimes violent and leaves home without anyone knowing.

“We are old and cannot run around looking for him. And so we have to keep him tied up.”
Elsewhere in the same city, Jiva Ram, 11, from Baydi village in Udaipur, also suffered from polio and mental breakdowns.
He was tied to a tree outside his house by his dad Hurma Ram, 35, a farmer, before he went out to work in his farm.
He said: “He had harmed himself in the past. To avoid any problems we had to keep him tied.”
Both the boys are now free and been taken to a shelter home.
Another boy was found close by, also tied up and alone
Bhojraj Singh, Aasra Vikas Sansthan child welfare charity founder, said he was shocked to find them tied to a tree like animals.
He said: “It was heartbreaking. We were shocked to see the condition in which both children were found.

“Javi was found naked while one of his legs was tied to a tree, whereas Umesh was tied to a bamboo pole, among the cattle.

“Both the boys have been shifted to a shelter home where they will be taken good care of.

“We shall start their treatment and help them grow into good human beings.”

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