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The Real Face Of Female Instagram Comedians Who Hide Their Beauty With Hilarious Make-Over

Nowadays, several female Instagram comedians conceal their faces with hilarious make-up or make-over in other to change their physical appearance.

In this article, I will reveal the real faces of some Instagram female comedians who hide their beauty with hilarious make-up.

1. Ashmusy

Ashmusy is one of the most trending Instagram comediennes in the entertainment industry. Sometimes, the beautiful comedian conceals her face with make-up if she wants to play another role in her comedy skit.

The talented comedian is known for her local girl character in her comedy skits and hides her face from the viewers with the aim of giving her fans a real entertaining story.

2. Flora

Another talented Instagram comedienne who hides her face under a hilarious make-over is Flora. The talented comedienne changes her face with make-up in a way that if you see her outside, you will be unable to recognize her.

3. Dirty Grandma

A popular Instagram comedienne, Dickson Ruth, popularly known as Dirty grandma, also hides her face with make-over.

Dickson Ruth is a beautiful lady when she is away from creating comedy skits.

4. Jessiekaey

The beautiful, talented comedienne whose real name is Jessica is not excluded in the list of female comediennes who hide their faces under hilarious make-up and make-over.

The talented lady is known to tie “gele” and hilarious shoes which totally change her face.

5. Iya Mufu

If you are talking about beautiful female Instagram comediennes and you don't mention Iya mufu, then you might be mistaken. The beautiful talented comedienne is also among the list of female Instagram stars that hide their beautiful faces with make-up and make-over.

Iya Mufu always hides her face with make-over when she creates comedy skits.

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