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“I prefer Ghanaian Jollof to Nigeria’s” — British singer, Ed Sheeran reveals (Video)

British singer, Ed Sheeran has revealed, that he prefers Ghanaian jollof to Nigerian jollof, despite him having not tasted any of them.

Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade shared some photos and video where she linked up with Ed Sheeran and some other people recently.

But their conversation led to the fight over which is the best between Ghana Jollof and Nigerian Jollof that almost everyone has been arguing about.

Ed Sheeran was seen in the video, telling Yemi Alade that he prefers Ghanaian Jollof and according to the narration by Yemi Alade, he hasn’t even tasted Nigerian Jollof and he has already chosen Ghana’s jollof rice over the Nigerian one.

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