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Kiddwaya Of BBNaija Saves The Life Of A Depressed Fan

Kiddwaya, BBNaija’s former housemate, calmed the nerves of a fan who approached him to ask him what to do after telling him he was depressed.

The fan issue came to light after Kiddwaya involved his fans in a question and answer session on Instagram.

Kiddwaya posted the fan’s concern and his response on his Instagram stories, apparently to help not only the fan in question, but anyone who is also going through the same ordeal.

The fan told the reality TV star that he has been dealing with depression for a while after it was stolen from him and wanted to know how he could deal with it.

“It seems that you have been traumatized and have lost trust in people, identify what depresses you about that experience.

For example, did he point a gun at your head? Was it an economic loss?
Write it down on a piece of paper and then write the solutions around it.

As the days go by, little by little you will discover that you are the solution to your problems” Kiddwaya wrote.

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