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Blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus denies saying she’s scared of exposing celebrities

Stella Dimoko Korkus

Popular gossip blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus after taking to her Instagram page to reveal why she has soft-pedaled on releasing juicy exclusive gossips about celebrities has denied saying she was ever scared. 

The Delta born German-based blogger said she is changing her ways of releasing such stories because times are changing as well.

Taking to her blog to talk about how her former colleague has been in the cell for over two weeks for releasing the nude photos of a ‘popular rich celebrity’ she wrote:

“Last night I went on Instagram to do a warning post on why some Bloggers should be careful and I saw another headline saying I am now scared to write on celebs….like when did my post even mention any category of people.

A blogger was used to carry out revenge on a popular and rich celeb and he has been in jail for the past two weeks awaiting trial…This blogger was a marketing officer with Encomium magazine when I was there.

The story of the naked video and photos of the lady that I ranted about here a while back was circulated by him….The people who gave him the story to fuck up the lady are walking free…#fallguy

I warned that even if your story is true, ask yourself what you stand to gain or lose before you publish…..Do not become the fall guy for anyone.
And some blogs without traffic decided to twist my words to look for attention...My PA sent me the munch and I was taken aback

In fact, let me make it a piece of agape advice….Be careful that no one uses you to carry out revenge on anyone, because when you might have to pay the price, you will do it alone!

A lot of you emergency Bloggers come here to read so, let me take it that you have taken my advice and will be careful.”

That said, I am not scared, never have been and never will be but I am wise enough to know that times have changed and everyone and the way I do stories must change with the times…So I do only stories that I can defend and not because it is viral or will bring me traffic

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