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Head-teacher dies in the office while preparing to meet with parents

The head-teacher of Wamagana Primary School in Tetu, Nyeri County, Kenya collapsed in his office on Wednesday afternoon, as parents of children at the institution were waiting to be attended to.

Teachers at the institution took Muriungi to the nearby Giakanja Dispensary, but he was transferred to the Nyeri County Referral Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The cause of the head-teacher’s death remains unclear.

Parents, who had already arrived at the school, but were unaware of Muriungi’s death, were heard complaining that the head-teacher was wasting their time by delaying the meeting.

However, Tetu Sub-County Director of Education, Gitonga Ndeke, informed them that the head-teacher had passed on after collapsing in his office, causing instant grief among the parents.

Gitonga said Muriungi’s death has come as a shocker, given he was lively earlier Wednesday, and even visited different classrooms to ensure the pupils were settled and ready for the day’s lessons.

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