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‘Mercy Johnson is a witch’ – Nollywood actresses, Sonia Ogiri & Angela Okorie drop bombshell (Video)

Trouble is brewing on social media currently as some Nollywood actresses have called out Mercy Johnson Okojie, accusing her of being a witch and fighting them spiritually.

Actress, Sonia Ogiri has called out Nollywood diva, Mercy Jonson Okojie on social media and tagging her with serious allegations.

The lady, in a video, narrated how she was bewitched, humiliated and treated like a slave when she had nothing in life. She blasted her over the ill treatment the mother of three meted on her years ago.

She even said she would hug a snake than Mercy Johnson. Sonia Ogiri is the first actress bold enough to call her out for things she allegedly did to people back then.

Watch the video below:

An hour after the shocking video hit the internet, another actress, Angela Okorie confirmed the story, writing, “Mercy Johnson is a witch. She did more than that to me. She fought me spiritual and physically when i confronted her.”

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