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#BBNaija: Omashola is aggressive – Venita complains, compares him to Frodd

One of the new BBNaija housemates, Venita, has now become ignited a competition between Omashola and Frodd.

New housemates have been introduced into the BBNaija game and it already seems like there is a love triangle between two of the old guys and one of the new ladies.
Pretty 32-year-old actress, Venita, seems to have snatched Omashola and Frodd’s hearts as the two guys have been competing silently and verbally to be her favorite.

Venita has disclosed to Seyi that she feels ‘Omashola and Frodd are having a pi*ssing contest’ because of her and that she initially found it funny, but she no longer finds it amusing. She added that it might soon get out of hand.

“I did initially, but now I don’t. I feel like it will soon get out of hand.” Speaking further, Venita said she actually enjoys Frodd’s company more and thinks Omashola is more aggressive.

She said: “I’m starting to feel uncomfortable and because Frodd get sense, his tone, he’s easier to be around. But oga (Omashola) is a lot more aggressive and a lot more loud and I’m like ‘bruv y’all need to stop this shi*t.”

Venita has also decided to change her bed position because of Omashola’s ‘aggressiveness’.

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