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“Thunder will fire Big Brother” – Nigerian Lady Frowns at Biggie placing Tacha in the secret room

Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show has kept viewers talking and a lady who was agitated by the twist and trick this past Sunday took to social media to vent.

The lady frowned at the decision of Big Brother to fake evict Tacha and Seyi then proceeding to place them in a secret room for a couple of days (unknown to the remaining housemates). The lady called the action a “Preferential Treatment” which is not fair to the other housemates.

Seyi and Tacha in the secret room
The lady said ;

Now this is why i say Nigeria is a fukkd up country, Biggie fake evicted Tacha and Seyi and took them to another room.

Are you trying to encourage her bad attitude or what ? What’s up with the preferential treatment. Thunder will fire Biggie

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