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“I wanted to Kidnap my ex after he dumped me” – Nollywood Actress, Dolly Nwaduba

In a weekend interview with Saturday Sun Newspapers, Dolly Nwaduba, actress, writer and producer, shared with Inside Nollywood her unforgettable heartbreak which almost led her into depression.

She shared how she was at the verge of doing extreme things to her ex because he broke her heart but the fear of going to prison restrained her.

“One Wish is an unconventional love story I wrote last year after a very bad breakup.

I was really depressed and had a lot of messed up thoughts in my head, but for the fear of going to prison, I had to restrain myself from going to the extreme.

So, I did what every great writer would do. I poured out my thoughts on the pages of my book, and being blessed as an actor, I carried out my evil plot of kidnapping my ex on his wedding day without fear of actually going to jail for it,” she said amidst laughter.

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