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3months jail term if found eating and driving – Lagos state Government

A Twitter User with the handle @Crhedrys had posted a picture of a billboard erected by the Lagos state Government, with the caption “ Well, the Prison is about to be full and lit!!!”

The inscription on the billboard reads, “Did You Know? Eating and driving with one hand = 3 months in prison, obey traffic laws.”  3months in prison? Well, this is a good initiative from the Lagos state Government to sensitize and curb excess road accidents.

Safety first, the drivers as well as pedestrians should be fully educated on the vices and ills of bad driving. Pedestrian bridge orientation among many other road safety tips should be aired. As drivers you do not have any business eating, smoking, drinking, and using phones while driving.

Hopefully Nigerian drivers will abide to the rules governing them, and also defaulters will not find their ways around not going to prison if found guilty.

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