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Simeone: Messi Plays Better In Attacking Team; Ronaldo Can Simplify Match

Diego Simeone was keen to clarify his statements made during a leaked conversation he had about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

During the World Cup in Russia last summer, Simeone seemed to imply that he preferred the Portuguese forward to his compatriot in a audio on WhatsApp that found its way to the press.

"What I consider is that in a team with fewer solutions, Ronaldo is a better fit because he provides many solutions," Simeone began.

"For a team which focuses on football, Messi is much better.

"We are talking about very fine margins of how a team plays," he stated.

"Cristiano can decide a game in a different way, he doesn't need ten attacks. He scored two headers against us and we were out," the Atletico boss said.

Simeone went on to speak of the subtle differences between the two world superstars.

"Both need a team but the differences are very small.

"Lionel, in an attacking team always plays better. The other [Ronaldo] can win a game in two actions, he simplifies the situations.

"Messi is mesmerising because he plays elaborate football.

"Leo plays in a team that compliments all of his talent. He always ends up finding solutions," he concluded.

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