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Nigerians Arrested While Trying To Illegally Emigrate To India Through Sea (Photos)

Report has it that four Nigerians who attempted to emigrate to India illegally in the Northern seas of Sri Lanka, were arrested by the Navy along with two Sri Lankans.

Navy said the suspects were arrested by naval personnel attached to a Coastal Patrol Vessel (CPV), during their patrol to curb illegal smuggling attempts in the territorial waters of the island.

According to the Navy, the CPV on patrol had spotted the suspicious trawler in the seas about 12 nautical miles North of Talaimannar lighthouse.

The Nigerian emigrants with two Sri Lankans aboard were heading to India during the time of the raid. Subsequently, the suspects were brought to Talaimannar.

Investigations revealed that the Nigerians aged between 26 and 42 while the Sri Lankans who were residents of Pesalai area in Mannar are aged 20 and 23.

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