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Football Coach Sacked After Alleged Affair With Star Midfielder's Wife (Photos)

A top football manager has been sacked after sleeping with his star player's wife, it has been sensationally claimed.

Paraguayan club Libertad de Paraguay have fired their head coach Leonel Alvarez despite winning their first match of the Copa Libertadores 4-1.

Alvarez, 51, is rumoured in local media to have been having a secret fling with Patty Gonzalez, the wife of Libertad midfielder Edgar Benitez.

Gonzalez has denied the rumours, saying on social media: “I assure you it’s completely false.

"From my side, it’s clearer and I hope people from the club clear up the situation at some point.

"The truth is that we have nothing to do with the situation, we are unconnected with what happened."

Paraguayan TV show Teleshow claim that aside from Alvarez being rumoured to have had an affair with Gonzalez, Libertad striker Tacuara Cardozo is said to have had s*x with Alvarez’s own girlfriend, model Johanna Garcia, 31.

Former Colombia star Alvarez, who won 101 caps between 1985 and 1997, has been dating Garcia, 20 years his junior, since 2012 and the couple have a daughter together.

Alvarez, who has two other children from another relationship, is yet to make a statement on the situation but his assistant Ruben Dario Bedoya told reporters: “We came to training at 7.30am but they didn’t let us go in.

"It doesn’t seem professional to us, it’s shocking treatment. It surprised us because if a decision is made, one must be allowed to enter and take their belongings. It’s disrespectful.”

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