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Doctors And Staff Allegedly Flee As Man With Lassa Fever Arrived General Hospital In Delta

Doctors and staff reportedly fled after a man with lassa fever, arrived at the General Hospital in Sapele area of Delta state.

It was gathered that the brief pandemonium also left patients at the general hospital running to the other end of the hospital, after the man with lassa fever arrived. Sapele based journalist, Sapele Oghenek disclosed that the Doctors and staff who fled invited the police to come and arrest/remove the sick man, but the officers declined and told the doctors to handle their professional duties.

However after the stigmatized sick man left, the hospital authorities fumigated the entrance to rid the clinic of any disease. The report reads;

Report enter studio say one man carry e brother wey get Lassa Fever enter General Hospital today,as the Medical Doctors and patients for the General Hospital for Sapele run leave their posts go the end of the Hospital,as the Doctors begin call Police Officers to come arrest or drive the patient with Lassa Fever. Laugh almost burst my Kudney,as Police reject to show face for the matter,as dem beg the Doctors to handle deir professional duties. After some time,the Man wey carry the sick Lassa fever patient enter the Hospital today come carry e load commot,as the management of Sapele General Hospital come rush fumigate the entrance to devoid of any form of bacterias. If Sapele General Hospital nor fit manage the crisis where them come say make the sick man go?

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