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I Sacrificed My Career For My Children – Singer Chuddy K

Singer, Chuddy K, has been off the radar for quite some time. He recently disclosed the reason for his absence to Sunday Scoop.

Gushing about his experience as a father of newborn twins, Chuddy K said, “Fatherhood has been an awesome experience for me.

There have also been a lot of vigils. They are twins and they have different times of sleeping. Sometimes, they sleep at 2am only to wake up at 3am. It has really been a funny experience for me. I have experienced fatherhood before; but not on a double dose.”

On the major sacrifice he has made for his children, the singer said, “I have sacrificed a bit of my career and time just to build a family. Family is supposed to be the number one thing in one’s life. It is bigger than your career, fan base, and any other thing that you stand for. It is the will of God for every man. I am passing through that phase and I’m loving it. Trust me, I’m coming out with something great.

I just have to settle down because I don’t just want to be a baby daddy; I want to be involved in my children’s lives. There’s a lot of craziness going on around about celebrities and baby mothers and I just wanted to remove myself from all that. You can say that I took a break because settling down is a form of break. However, I am back for the music now.”

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