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Cardi B Shares Weird Birthday Wish

Cardi B has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, and when fans asked what she wishes to get on her 26th birthday, the rapper spilled her unfiltered thoughts on social media, to the amazement of many.

“I want my husband to f–k me 30 different positions,” she told her Instagram followers in an explicit video. “I want that n—a to flex me like a New York pretzel.”

She further revealed the other items on her agenda for the special occasion include drinking a bottle of Hennessy, not minding that she is still B.reastfeeding; Cardi wants to have fun for a night.

“I’m a little scared cause I might act up but I don’t give a f–k,” she said from the location of the shooting of her Fashion Nova line.

And she said a lot more.

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