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I am glad I married Adesua, she understands my business - Banky W

Nigeria’s favourite celebrity couple Banky W and wife Adesua Etomi, whose wedding was one of the most talked-about weddings in Nigeria in 2017, have had their weddings aired to the public on Saturday via AfricaMagic channel on DSTV. Banky W talked about their marriage ceremony and their relationship so far.
Banky W confessed that he never intended to get married to anyone in the entertainment industry, but his wife Adesua just presented herself differently and he is glad they are married today.

Read his excerpts here

“I met Adesua in 2015 and after inquiring about her from her manager, Isioma, I went online to search for her and found her social media handles

“I looked her up online and I liked what I saw. I googled her, stalked her on the gram and a day or two later, I slid into her DM like the real man that I am

“I had two defining moments with Adesua. One was before we started speaking. It was actually when I was stalking her and I saw a video of her and her childhood friends singing worship songs and I felt like this is really refreshing to find someone in our line of work that would readily show this part of them

“The second part when I knew was when we took a private trip somewhere and it was the first time that she danced with me and at this point, I already knew she was a spiritual girl and a praying woman. But if I can confess, I was a little bit worried that when it comes to the turn ups and the fun, I wasn’t sure if she would be free like that and the very first time she danced with me, they were playing Rihanna’s ”Work” and she danced with me. Ladies and Gentlemen, once you have the spiritual and physical, you close shop, you move

”I wasn’t specifically looking for an entertainer as a wife because of what I presumed, but she took me off the balance

“I am glad I married Adesua because she understands my business and the pressure that comes with it.

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