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Would You Buy This Joystick & Butt-Shaped Car? (Photos)

Steve Paige came up with a strange car-design idea in 1969; while other automakers were adopting market-focused car designs, he opted for a controversial design; his only intention was to design an ‘art car,’ but he came up with a car shaped like a joystick. His design set tongue wagging and it is still generating a lot of controversy more than 40 years after he had retired this outrageously-designed car.

Irrespective of which angle you view the car from, you know what it looks like. It also has space for two passengers, but does not look like the best ride on a bumpy road.

Steve Paige, the designer, drove this car on the streets of Los Angeles for up to five years before he deemed the car fit for retirement; this was after the car had covered up to 805 km (500 miles).

Can you buy this car?

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