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"I Paid N4.8M For My Master's Program, I Starved And Borrowed" - Young Man

A young entrepreneur has got himself trending online after narrating how he suffered to make ends meet after reportedly paying N4.8 million for his Master's degree at Pan Atlantic University a.k.a Lagos Business school. Read the story which the young man shared on his Instagram page;

I paid 4.8million Naira for a master's degree by myself ,loan interest inclusive ,no free Saturdays since 2015 ,had to go to Epe after Ajah every weekend .That is not the whole story ,this is the real story .

2013 after my Nysc,I had an option of staying back home with my parents ,or go out to look for that dream job .After almost 5 years in school with the crazy educational schooling system in Nigeria ,you are so full of life hoping to land that dream job .I eventually got a place I could manage pending when something better comes along .We didn't talk about salary or money ,I just assumed my boss would at least give me something monthly ,well i worked for 6months without a dime,I have an option ,go back home or stay here.

My office was around first avenue ,I would always trek from the office to my amazing Church around mile 2(DCC)because no money, this was and still is the only thing that kept me sane all through ,message and ministration were always timely and on point .More like they were directed at me ,I knew there is going to be light at the end of the tunnel .

I was more like a dispatch man ,distributing papers for my company with no pay ,I would go to the island (VI,Lekki ,Marina,Ikoyi) to drop our papers with some big organisation to advertise with us .It was so bad most times I see my old course mates and dodge them ,I was always looking horrible.No money ,to change cloth even ,I had an option of going back home ,at least I would be comfortable ,eat and watch movies ,but I wanted more out of life ,that's not the life for me .

You see God never leaves or forsake his people ,we might think we are going through hell now and wonder why can't he just bless us,well with God there is always a reason for everything ,on this particular day ,I was asked to go and drop our papers in the Corporate Communications department in GTB on the island.

My life changed at this moment ,I saw people living the exact life I wanted ,young ,sharp looking chaps .I wondered if they have two heads ,see me,graduate hawking newspaper ,see my mates chilling in AC,looking fresh and staring at me like one pauper.

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