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#EndSars : Internet Marketer Tells His Horrible Story In The Hands Of Sars (pics)

this is pure robbery


Fidelis Ozuawala Wrote on facebook

if you encounter SARS once, 280 characters on twitter or even a long note on Facebook would not be able to explain it all.. or is it the useless SARS that checked my Facebook profile and asked why i got loads of comments?
or the SARS that saw OMG in one of the comments and said i am a cultist that OMG means Omigongo?
or is it the useless SARS that billed me from 4k to 500k without no trace of being guilty ..

Or the foolish SARS that said they were ones yahoo guys, they even have yahoo guys friends i should plead being one to safe the delays..
The idiots that delayed my daily activities by almost 6hours..

The foolish DPO who heard that i did online jobs immediately said anything online is 'cyber crime' (a more reason only educated people should be allowed in there if they couldn't end it)
Everything i bought from the eatry went sour cos of delays, one of the idiots threatened to eat the meat and food i bought (hungry fowl), my drinks spilled their office.

One of the idiots said, if i hide my GTB balance he knows a code to show it, by buying 100naira airtime and waiting for debit alert (My privacy infringed upon)..

Or is it the SARS that told me, i am already guilty for graduating from the school i went?
Even with my "Almighty-perceived" CAC Certificate, Coporate account cheque book i had with me they claim it even easier for boys to have all these nowadays.

With my phones seized no ways to make calls even when you mention lawyer they will ask u to call him with your teeth, immediately i had to come to terms with them actually bribing my way out (for doing nothing) with 5k and few airtime i sent to the pot-belly drunken DPO.

as i earlier said, i have forgotten so many scenarios, one statement can't really explain my one-time never to be repeated experience.
i planned to kill all of them diabolically (if i see a means) while i was in there, but on getting out, i had to let God judge.. Stupid fools #ENDSARS
PS: All those delays happened without having a laptop or mobile phone that can access the internet.

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