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20-Year-Old Nigerian Man Who Spent a Week in the Desert Narrates His Experience in Libya

The 20-year-old Nigerian narrated his experience in Libya
A 20-year-old Nigerian man identified as Chigozie has given the shocking details how he escaped alive after spending a week and some days in the desert on his way to Libya. Chigozie who wanted to travel to Italy narrated the shocking experiences he suffered in search of greener pastures while speaking with Nikki Laoye.
He was an Electrician who was told he could get a better job out in Italy, so he decided to get there through the desert in a bid to get to Europe.
In the interview with Nikki Laoye, the man who is among those that were flown back to the country following shocking details of slave trade going on in the country revealed further that kidnappers attacked them in the desert leaving many people dead. 
Watch video below:

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