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See What Residents Did to a Motorcycle Thief Caught in Ikorodu, Lagos (Photos)

The alleged suspect
Here is how a social media user who shared the photos in a popular online platform narrated the story;
"Around 1:30pm today, I was observing my afternoon nap when I heard one or two persons screaming as if they were been raped, "Ole Ole Ole Ole - Thief Thief Thief Thief..."

First thing I did was to check if my doors were locked. The thief could have ran into my compound, and I don't want stories that touch the heart. Front and back door were bolted, and I was already thinking of laying flat on the floor just in case it turned into hit tracks of gunshots. I take no chances brethren. 

Before I could process that, I heard more shouts and was certain the residents (my neighbors) were now in total control. When I eventually made it out, I saw one young boy plank the alleged thief on the head. The thief fell down like thrice at the same time - or maybe it was my eyes seeing stars.

Many people had joined and the beating was quadrupled. I feared he was going to be killed. 

Apparently, the thief wanted to take advantage of the deserted street. Primary and secondary schools students were yet to close from schools, and all other persons who were either jobless or work-from-home persons like me were locked up in our homes enjoying the IKEDC power supply. 

The thief was about to push a motorcycle belonging to the street's mosque's Imam away into an adjoining corner in the street, before the eagle eyed Imam's wife spotted him and raised a swift alarm. It was with the same voice which she uses for advert when she sells 'ewa gayin - mashed beans' that she employed here - only this time, it was louder. 

It was her voice that jerked me up from slumber. Fast forward to 20 minutes, the whole neighborhood was out with their mouths and sticks, "Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole...", It was the same rhythm with Wizkid's signatory chant, "Ye ye ye ye ye..." The thief has been bloodied; slaps, punches, kicks, sticks and more were raining from every corner. This is the real "aje kun iya ni o je..."

While the thief was been punished with more beating and questioning, he mentioned one notorious man in the area, that he thought it was his bike and had wanted to retrieve it for him. The notorious guy was alerted, and he came with more than four of his goons. They vehemently denied and joined in the beating. Only this time, it was more vicious. In fact, they were going for the kill. 

The thief said he came all the way from Owutu-Agric bus stop and continued mumbling some other jargons. The Landlords in the area prevented more beatings, and led him away to the Police station." 

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