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Meet the 24-year old woman with world's biggest behind

24-year-old Swedish model, Natasha Crown is set to enter the Guinness book of records for having the biggest butt in the world.

Natasha who lives for plastic Surgery has had three Brazillian butt lifts and now has a butt which measures 72 inches from the previous 70inch backside.

Speaking with Daily Mail, the plus-size model who had her first procedure at the age of 20,revealed she gets horny when her behind is jiggly.

“I was 20 when I had my first procedure and yes, I would say I’m obsessed. The first thing I do in the morning is go to the mirror and look at my bum,” the Swedish glamour model continues.

“Maybe I have body dysmorphia or something but I don’t feel like it is even that big. I definitely want bigger.”

“I just love the feel of having a big bum. When I walk, I feel all the jiggling, jiggling, jiggling and I start to feel horny with myself,” she says.

“That is the best feeling I think. My bum makes me feel sexy and makes me feel powerful.”

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