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“He Is Not My Father” - Miss Sahhara Disowns Man Who Claims To Be His Father

Nigerian Transgender, Miss Sahhara has disowned her father, a Nigerian chief who claimed her as his daughter.

Recall it all started when IdomaVoice conducted an interview with the Benue State elderly man, identified as Chief Ago Ella, and he claimed the transgender beauty queen was his son before, but now he’s his daughter.

He even went as far as saying he is willing to accept her bride price, from any man who was willing to marry her.
But then, Now.. Sahhara is denying all claims by the man.
In a new video shared on her page, the London-based beauty queen rejected the man, saying they have no resemblance, and added that the only father she knows is her mother– her super hero.

However, she proceeded to post a suspicious message on her social media, saying that the male claiming to be her father is not a “good father” .

“Any one can make a baby, but not everyone can be a parent, pay my tuition, feed me, console me when I was bullied in school, bandaid my injuries, nurse me when I was sick, put me to bed at night, put a roof over my head, have my back no matter what, love me unconditionally and be the source of constant wisdom,” she said in the passionate post.

She continued, “All of the above was done by one woman, My superhero, My darling beautiful mother whom I look, sound, act like! Pure carbon copy of the crazy woman and I love and adore her to moon and beyond.”

“I find it disrespectful to my mother that someone else is claiming to be my parent, my mom is my only parent and is the only one that knows my truth apart from me,” she added.

Previous reports allege that the Benue chief previously disowned his child(born Clifford Oche) for transitioning into a woman. However in the recent interview that stirred Miss Sahhara’s reaction, the chief denied ever doing such.

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