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10 Things Every Man Should Achieve by Age 30

It’s true that success is not a day's work and Rome of-course was not built in a day but everyone is expected to have attained a level of success by 10 years, 20 years and even by 40 years.

We take a look at 10 things every Nigerian guy should have achieved by age 30:

1. Be Matured - Maturity is not an age thing, but if by 30 years, a guy isn't matured; then he's on his way to multiple failures on all front.

2. Be in a serious relationship - If not married, then he should be in a serious relationship and getting ready to settle down soon.

3. Be Educated (formal or informal) - He should have attained his first degree or should have graduated as a qualified artisan in his chosen field.

4. Have a Home of his own (rented, brought or built) - We don't expect that by 30, any guy should be living with his parents and feeding on their pot, he can, however, live in a property built by his father/mother if he has a flat owned by himself alone.

5. Have a paying job or business - He should either have a good paying job, even when it's below what he thinks he deserves or he should be in business, doing good for himself and family.

6. Be responsible - He should be responsible and live a responsible lifestyle

7. Be Independent - He should take his decisions (with or without advice) - He should be his own boss in that department

8. Have a set goal - He should by this age, have a set and defined goal, a picture of where he wants to be in the nearest future

9. Learn to Drive a car - Even if he doesn't own a car, every 30 years old should have attained training in driving to a large extent - an opportunity could open up or an emergency that would require him driving a car

10. Have a saving - He should have a saving plan, for the future, his family and a retirement plan.

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