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Zenith Bank Reportedly Sacks Workers Again Amidst Economic Crisis

Strong rumours circulating the media space reveal the management of Zenith Bank Plc has laid of a large number of its employees after a previous sack on the 8th of November, 2016.
It would be recalled that the top commercial bank had earlier relieved 1,200 members of staff of their appointment last week.
A social media user who pleaded anonymity reported another round of massive sack with swift compensation of workers for the smoothness of the disengagement process.

"It seems Zenith Bank likes sacking people on Monday, after the major shake up last Monday, they have sacked again today, these guys woke up and came early for work only to be told that their services are no required. Some were even told through oral communication, it's so unfortunate cause two of my friends were affected" the source claimed.

"The recession may be affecting the country but I do know that 50% of the sacked staff have erred in one way or the other".

"The sacked Workers were paid their settlement, some went home with almost 10million" the source concluded.
The revelation was also corroborated by another netizen in the know who said, "This post is not to rubbish the owner or to tarnish the image of the bank because Heaven will not forgive me if I do so".

"A friend of mind got 4million Naira. You're on point"

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