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Meet the Man Who Dresses and Pretends to be a Woman to Steal from Other Men (Photos)

A first look at this figure above will convince you it is that of a woman but a closer, better look will tell you otherwise.

This is actually a man from Uganda who dresses and pretends to be a woman to rob unsusecting men of their money.

According to Tuko, he has however been arrested for the act.

Identified as Ivan Bebeto, he was arrested by police in Kampala after several men claimed that he took money from them under false pretenses.

Most of them described him as a beautiful woman who wore a wig, short skirt and make up.

The man, who calls himself Queen, has been operating through East and Central Africa including Nairobi (Kenya), Kampala (Uganda), Bujumbura (Burundi) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).

“It is not easy to discover that he is a man because he knows how to groom himself to look persuasively woman-like,” said a source.

“He wears feminine perfume and when he goes clubbing, he hangs out predominantly with women, especially commercial s*x workers.”

Bebeto was arrested after a man who was interested in him paid for sexual favours, believing she is a woman.

He kept giving the man excuses why he couldn’t sleep with him even though he had already received a down payment from the wealthy man.

Bebeto said he could not go to his house, claiming he felt more comfortable in his room, and thus asked the supposed customer to accompany him to a room where he kept his items.

It’s from this that the man suspected Babeto might be a criminal pretending to be a girl.

He quickly informed the police who raided the apartment only to be shocked that he was a man and not a woman after questioning him.

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