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#BBNaija: Cee-C And Alex In A Heated Argument

It appears there's something hidden about Big Borther Naija 2018 housemate, Cee-C, which Uriel has noticed. The BBNaija 2017 housemate took to Instagram where she wrote:

“Whats your opinion  Here’s mine…every time I see this young woman I see a troubled soul.. someone who has a lot bottled up.. I heard she said she would love to meet me.. I would love to meet her 2.. this young woman needs guidance, not only from me but from other women if you ever meet her..oh and a little pinch�. I’M VOTING FOR EVERYONE”

Did Uriel just call Cee-C a troubled soul? Well below is a video showing Cee-C having a heated argument with fellow housemate, Alex.

From the little grabbed, Alex wanted to use Cee-C's duvet to clean her glasses but Cee-C objected by telling her not to try it.. Afterwards Alex asked her about something only to get snubbed. That led to an outburst from Alex which resulted in Cee-C calling her a fool.

Alex to Cee-C: the fact dat everyone can take ur bullshit doesn't mean I can.. If you have your issues with your Tobi, don't come transfer on me.

Cee-C to Alex: get the f$ck out of my bed..

Alex to Cee-C: come and carry me...(continued sitting on it)

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