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Swimsuit model bre@stfeeds her baby while walking down the catwalk

A Swimsuit model, Mara Martin, who was one of the 16 swimwear finalists chosen to walk in the annual Miami Swim Week show in Florida, US,  strutted down the catwalk in a gold bikini while holding her five-month-old daughter, Aria, in her arms.

The little one who was fed by her mother  down the runway, was also sporting a bikini, as well as some noise-cancelling headphones. On Monday, she took to Instagram to say how surprised she was to make headlines for “something I do every day” but also hoped the photos would help to “normalise breastfeeding and also show others that women CAN DO IT ALL!”

The swimsuit model wrote;

“I’m so, so, so thankful for the entire team at sports illustrated for picking me! You guys are the freaking best!

“And to every girl that casted from the online submissions to the open call, you all rock. Congratulations to every single one of you!”

The move certainly struck a chord with many mums who took to social media to praise Martin for her bold runway walk.

“I never liked the feeling of being stared at when I breastfed in public, even if I covered myself up, so thank you for showing women that you can feel comfortable no matter what,” one commented.

“Great job representing all of us nursing mums! You will get a lot of push back… but I hope you realise how powerful and amazing you are!” another wrote.

And one summed it up with: “Thank you on behalf of women everywhere!”

There were, as always, critics, with one saying: “She’s doing the same thing every mother has done since the beginning of time.”

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