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There is nothing impressive about AKA – Bonang Matheba

It looks like Bonang Matheba has moved on since news of her split with AKA surfaced. But from the look of things, the rapper still doesn’t seem to have been able to get over the split.

Recall that their breakup surfaced months ago. At first, many people did not believe it, and this was because they previously used their breakup as a marketing stunt to sell AKA’s song.

However, it was real this time, because AKA is out here, spitting diss tracks.

“Waited two years just to see you with your weave off, tell me what that say about your character, you was f**king me when I was busy paying damages,” AKA  said in a diss sing about Bonang, and in later tweets, accused her of infidelity and witchcraft.

Read all about it here.

But Bonang Matheba thinks there is nothing impressive worth missing about him.

In new interview with Drum magazine Bonang said that she was happily single and there definitely wasn’t any chance of her and the rapper getting back together. And she also added some major spice, telling the mag that she didn’t miss much about the rapper.

“I miss nothing, or I don’t know, maybe he was funny, I guess – that’s it.”


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