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Nigeria Not Ripe For Arms Legalisation – Seun Kuti

Grammy-nominated Nigerian singer Seun Kuti has said he's not in support of calls for the legalisation of arms in the country.
He made his thoughts known via his Instagram page.
According to him, Nigeria is not yet ripe for civilians to use firearms.
Speaking in a recent Instagram live session with fans, Kuti said: “I don’t believe our society is ripe for us to say we want to put guns in anybody’s hands. First of all, it just means that rich children would be killing poor children all over the place. That’s what would happen.

“All you poor children, they will just be shooting you. Any little franca, they will just pull out guns. Whatever arms you can buy, they can buy bigger ones.

“The politicians are talking about arms legalisation because they want to make money from the trade not because they care about your protection. Nigerians don’t need guns to be protected. If the politicians are serious about protecting Nigerians, they can employ enough personnel to secure the country.”

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