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TOP 5 Biggest Gospel Artiste in Nigeria

Its no news in Africa right now, Nigerian Gospel Artiste are leading the entire continent on Global Stages. At the time of the post 4th September 2023, Nathaniel Bassey and Dunsin Oyekan are in Canada for a tour.

Just so that we get right into the biggest Gospel Artiste right this Moment in 2023 leading to 2024, I present to you the Biggest Gospel Artiste right now:

1. Nathaniel Bassey
2. Eben
3. Mercy Chinwo
4. Adda Jesus
5. Tim Goffery

These are the superstars for God right now. The newest on the list is ADDA JESUS and she's currently Charting with her new single: Wonderful God. Which is a new Entry Song in the Hall of Fame for Praise Gospel Songs in the Country. 

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