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Sanwo-Olu Approves N375m for Lagos Indigenes in Tertiary Institutions

N375,455,000 has been approved by Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Lagos governor as empowerment funds for Lagos indigenes in tertiary institutions.
This was made public in a statement on Wednesday.
According to Sanwo-Olu, the fund is for scholarship and bursary benefits to needy Lagos students.
The Lagos governor said the fund is designated to alleviate the financial burdens of Lagos indigenes pursuing higher education across the country.
Abdur-Rahman Lekki, the executive secretary of the Lagos State Scholarship Board, unveiled the project during a recent meeting with key stakeholders in his office.
Lekki said Sanwo-Olu’s vision is to make education accessible, affordable, and sustainable for indigenes of the state.
Breaking down the allocation, Lekki said N164,500,000 has been earmarked for the 2021/2022 fresh scholarship award for undergraduates.
He said the quoted sum will also cover Masters & Ph.D. (batch B), the 2021/2022 subsequent scholarship award for undergraduate & Ph.D., and the 2022/2023 subsequent scholarship award for undergraduate & Ph.D.
Also covered in the quoted sum are recipients of the 2022/2023 governor’s discretionary awards.
Lekki said an allocation of N210,955,000 has been approved for the 2021/2022 fresh bursary award for undergraduates and law school (batch B) and the 2021/2022 subsequent bursary award for undergraduates.

Also covered in the sum is the 2022/2023 subsequent bursary award for undergraduates.
Lekki reassured beneficiaries awaiting disbursement that the release of funds will commence as soon as the necessary administrative processes are concluded.
He added that applications for the Year 2022/2023 fresh scholarship and bursary awards have been completed, with academic and indigen-ship verification processes set to commence.

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