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Yemi Alade Eulogizes Late Actress, Ada Ameh

Yemi Alade, the famous Nigerian singer, has talked about the death of actress Ada Ameh.

The singer expressed immense gratitude to the late Ada Ameh for blessing her with her presence in her ‘Double Double’ music video.

She recounted how the actress brightened her mood when she noticed she was having a bad day even though it was their first time meeting.

Alade prayed to God to grant the Ameh’s family, particularly ‘Grand ma’ the fortitude to bear such a devastating loss.

She said: “I was having a bad day the first time I met you and I don’t know if anyone noticed but YOU instantly made me FEEL good.

“I thanked you over and over again! You didn’t have to but you did! Most people will avoid it or act like I have a problem with them! Sigh…

“This is how I will always remember you! Our Video Doubledouble is 5million views and counting. If I had stayed in that bad mood, I might have ruined it.

“Thank you for blessing me Mama Ada Ameh, I pray your family (especially Grand ma) have the strength they need to bear this loss.”

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