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Thank You On Behalf Of All Men - Patrick Doyle Salutes Joke Silva

Patrick Doyle, the Nollywood actor and filmmaker, has heaped praises on her colleague, Joke Silva.

Doyle praised Silva for her kind treatment of her husband, veteran actor, Olu Jacobs, saying “Joke Omoluabi, I say a big thank you on behalf of all men, perfect and flawed.”

Silva has been receiving encomium and admiration since last week for standing by her husband, who is suffering from dementia, on his 80th birthday.

Jacobs’ wife had flooded social media with their pictures from their early times in stage drama to contemporary digital filmmaking, to appreciate the octogenarian.

Reacting via a Facebook post on Monday, Doyle said Silva belongs to old-school women who hold dignity and honour as virtues.

He said that using torture is not in her DNA, which makes her distinct from an array of many flawed personalities kind of women the current generation parades.

Patrick Doyle wrote: “All those women hinging Joke Silva’s devotion to her ailing elderly husband on his devotion and care towards her in the early stages of the marriage, have simply got it wrong.

“According to the ‘not so faithful and devoted husbands’ should not expect the same kind of treatment in the twilight of their lives.

“They even go as far as telling such men to expect torment from their wives in old age.

“In their little minds, they have concluded that Joke Silva shares their flawed philosophy.

“The Joke that I know would have still treated Uncle Olu with the same measure of love and devotion even if he were a philanderer and wife beater, which thankfully he was not.

She would never have taken advantage of his vulnerability to torture him because it’s simply not in her DNA to do so.

“She belongs to the old school where dignity and honour count and doing the right thing is not contingent upon reciprocity.

“Salt may mimic sugar in appearance, but there is a difference. Let it be.

“Let it be known that Joke Silva, the wife of Oludotun Jacobs and mother of Soji, is not a member of the “Egbe’ Kini O’ko’ Ose’ Club”(wetin husband fit do sef).

“Joke Omoluabi, I say a big thank you on behalf of all men, perfect and flawed.” 

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