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Meet Bunmi, the lady that recreates Outfits rocked by BBN Host Ebuka correctly

Recreating is one of the very prevalent processes in the fashion industry. It is the kind of tool that makes a particular style more trendy than others. When someone likes an outfit he or she saw on another and took to his or her tailor to make something exact for him or her, that is recreating. Recreation leads to the popular "what I ordered vs what I got" thread on Twitter where users share their unsatisfied experiences with bad tailors.

While there are bad ones, there are also tailors who are badasses in this recreating business one of them is this lady Olubunmi Ojo-Adenugba, a Nigerian multi-award-winning fashion entrepreneur who has recreated six outfits rocked by BBN host Ebuka. You all know Ebuka, the host of the Big brother reality show and the fire he brings in the fashion department. He is one of the most fashionable men in Nigeria, He has a well-built body and height which makes him stand out in his outfits.

Olubunmi is a creative lady, she does not just recreate the outfits, she made them into the feminine version and we must acknowledge this wonderful talent. From Ebuka's magnificent Agbada to his suit looks on the stage, she nailed the recreation. She has garnered over 50k followers on her official Instagram at the point of writing and I believe she will grow higher than that number.

Check below to see photos;

1. white Agbada.

She recreated the agbada using the same color of fabric, though her improved designs were different.

2. Here, she recreated the almighty agbada that broke the internet using blue fabric instead of purple as seen on Ebuka.

3. Shimmering suits

4. Suede Agbada

5. Typical senators wear

6. In the photo below, she recreated Ebuka's agbada into a dress with a drape over the shoulder.

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