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Top 10 African Countries With Electricity Access-Nigeria Is Not Listed

According to a report by the World Bank, best country that’s doing well for its citizens to have access to electricity in Africa.

Following a decade of steady progress, the global electrification rate reached 89 percent and 153 million people gained access to electricity each year. However, the biggest challenge remains in the most remote areas globally and in sub-Saharan Africa where 573 million people still live in the dark.

To connect the poorest and hardest to reach households, off-grid solutions, including solar lighting, solar home systems, and increasingly mini-grids, will be crucial.

Globally, at least 34 million people in 2017 gained access to basic electricity services through off-grid technologies. The report also reinforces the importance of reliability and affordability for sustainable energy access.

See below for the full list of African countries getting access to electricity;

1. Egypt, Algeria, Seychelles, Morocco – 100%

2. Tunisia – 99.8

3. Mauritius – 97.5

4. Cape Verde – 93.6

5. Gabon – 93

6. South Africa – 91.2

7. Ghana – 82.4

8. Eswatini – 76.5

9. Kenya – 75

10. Congo – 68.5

Information from World Bank used in this report.

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