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Kogi State Building Nigeria's Biggest Reference Hospital (Pictures)

Governor Yahaya Bello Currently Building One of Nigeria's Biggest Hospitals in Kogi State

Late last year, the Executive Governor of Kogi State began the construction of one of Nigeria's biggest state owned Hospital.

The Ultra-modern reference hospital is designed to meet international standards with the state of art health facilities.

The five-story hospital under construction is located in Okene Local government and work is expected to finish completely in few months time.

The bill for the construction of this multibillion naira Hospital was passed just 5months ago, and today, the Reference Hospital, Okene is becoming a reality.

The action packed Governor of Kogi state has mentioned the need for better healthcare delivery, stating that the coming of the hospital will mark a total end to medical tourism in Kogi state and Nigeria.

Recall Yahaya Bello had several times advised the Federal Government to prioritize healthcare funds in building international standard Hospitals capable of treating deadly diseases in the country instead of the priority given Covid-19 that is by far less deadly with a 99.8% recovery rate.

The evolution of the Y-shaped hospital will mark the start of Nigeria's all-round best healthcare facility according to the state Commissioner for Health.

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