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Lawyers Of Hushpuppi Have Given Up On Him

It is obvious that Hushpuppi will definitely be jailed after his American lawyers, Gal Pissetzky and Vicki Podberesky, declared their intention to drop the case.

They both filed an application in the United States District Court in California, declaring their intent.

Well, on the other hand, reputable lawyers are aggrieved that the Nigerian Instagram celebrity is unhappy with their defense tactics and have subsequently opted for a new group of lawyers.

Both the family and the prison staff have told me that they have relayed my messages to Mr. Abbas to call me. He informed me that he is hiring a new attorney.

“I informed her that I and Ms. Podberesky were moving to withdraw due to her refusal to communicate and cooperate with us,” Pissetzky said.

Hushpuppi is on trial on one count of four counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, engaging in money transactions on property stemming from a specific illegal activity, money laundering conspiracies, and international money laundering and also he is scheduled to reappear in court on May 4,2021.

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